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Stage Seven Alzheimer's with Ruth Stevens

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My guest today likes to create stories that will make readers laugh and cry. Speaking of her writing, she says: “I find myself motivated to write about the topics that worry me the most. Since I worry about a great many things, there is never a shortage of material.” Her debut novel, Stage Seven, was honored as a Book of the Month by, a global online platform reaching 50,000 book groups. It was also a selection for the Summer Reads program presented by HFC, an Alzheimer’s awareness organization. She had her own public relations and advertising agency for many years but left agency work to take up creative writing, her real passion. She has written three novels and two plays, including a dark comedy that was a finalist in the Garry Marshall Theatre New Works competition. In her spare time, she enjoys travel, hiking, hip-hop and step classes, yoga, Broadway musicals, wine tasting, and visiting her grandsons in NYC. Welcome to Authors Over 50, Ruth F. Stevens.

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